Hospital Sued for Gender Surgery on Little Girl Only 13 Years Old

Hospital Sued for Gender Surgery on Little Girl Only 13 Years Old

( – Laws banning gender-affirming care before the age of 18 have passed in 20 states throughout the US, and seven more states are considering adopting similar policies or laws, according to the Human Rights Council. Yet one young woman experienced a confusing maze she now believes was medical misinformation, coercion, and malpractice at a young age. She’s suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical groups because they performed gender surgery when she was only 13 years old.

Layla Jane mistakenly believed she was a boy when doctors performed a double mastectomy, removing both breasts. Two years earlier, they had prescribed puberty blockers and hormones after Jane told her parents she was a boy — years later, she realized that people online had influenced her, and pre-existing conditions had made the child more susceptible to those suggestions.

Jane’s parents sought guidance from doctors. According to The Epoch Times, Doreen Samelson, a psychologist, was one of only three doctors who said Jane was too young for the hormone therapies, but other physicians disagreed. Jane claimed none of the medical team considered “anything to make me comfortable in my body, or meaningfully pushed back or asked questions.”

Moreover, the suit contends the medical team didn’t question, explore or seek “to understand the psychological events” causing Jane to believe “she was transgender” because not a single team member evaluated or treated “her multi-faceted presentation of […] symptoms.”

Jane, now 18, detransitioned and lives as a woman. She receives psychotherapy to cope with social anxiety. That’s a modality her medical team should have considered before conducting life-changing surgery, the suit contends. Jane claims that neither she nor her parents could have given informed consent to the procedure given her age, her mental state at the time, and what she believes was a skewed understanding of her condition and future prognosis.

Doctors never told her or her parents that individuals who transition often experience other physical or mental health issues and, subsequently, a higher suicide rate. They also neglected to inform her what percentage of individuals detransition. In the US in 2022, roughly 8% of all transgender individuals made that decision — about 3% for medical reasons. Additionally, doctors coerced her parents to proceed with the surgery by suggesting they had two options: “a live son or a dead daughter.”

Jane is seeking money to cover ongoing medical expenses, damages for pain and suffering, and legal costs, including attorney fees.

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