Hillary Clinton Takes Media Spotlight as Abortion Issues Return

Hillary Clinton Takes Media Spotlight as Abortion Issues Return

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Abortion is very much under the spotlight this week as the US Supreme Court considers a Mississippi law banning terminations after 15 weeks of gestation. Under the terms of Roe v. Wade, states are not allowed to outlaw abortions before fetal viability, which usually occurs around the 24th week of pregnancy. If the Supreme Court upholds the Mississippi law, it could make it drastically more difficult to procure an abortion in pro-life states. Now, statements from former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about the possibility of this outcome have come to light.

During her campaign for the White House, Clinton repeatedly warned that a Republican administration could limit abortion rights. She highlighted that a Conservative president might get the chance to nominate several SCOTUS justices, leaving abortion rights at the mercy of a pivotal court battle like we’re witnessing right now.

Twitter users and media outlets responded to and reshared Clinton’s original comments in light of the ongoing case. They’re once again drawing attention to them amid renewed interest.

Fast-forward six years: a significant amount of what the controversial Democrat predicted came true. Donald Trump nominated three Supreme Court justices during his presidency; each could be instrumental in moving the goalposts around abortion in this case. Do you think Roe v. Wade needs to go, or should it remain in place?

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