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Media Finally Forecasting Red Wave Just 2 Weeks Before Midterm Elections

Media Finally Forecasting Red Wave Just Two Weeks Before Midterm Elections

( – November 8, only two weeks away, will finally bring a hotly contested midterm cycle to a conclusion. Republicans are hoping to take over Congress, while Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power. Members of the media have done a good job of painting the Left in a winning light, but they’ve finally realized there might be a red wave coming in November.

Despite their best efforts to minimize Republican momentum, mainstream media outlets recently reported the GOP has a better chance of winning than they’ve led people to believe. Steve Peoples of the Associated Press penned a piece titled “Red Wave Crashing? GOP Momentum Slips as Fall Sprint Begins.” The article indicated Democrats had a higher chance of winning thanks to some legislative wins for Biden.

These so-called wins didn’t remain in the minds of the media for very long. Some outlets are now reporting on the increased momentum for Republicans. Blake Hounshell of the New York Times detailed how the midterms aren’t living up to expectations from the Left in an article titled “Democrats’ Feared Red October Has Arrived.” Hounshell noted that when elections break, they typically do so in one direction, adding that all of his “political dashboard” indicator lights were flashing red, favoring Republicans.

Several polls are showing Democrats are lagging in Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and other states they need to retake. Republicans are also in the race to win every Senate battleground state. Caroline Vakil of The Hill asserted the red wave coming in November has the potential to bring upsets in blue states such as Washington, New York, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Oregon. Vakil mentioned the Left is worried Republicans will gain seats in Democratic strongholds, especially in Oregon and New York, where the gubernatorial races are beginning to favor right-wing candidates.

If Republicans continue to build momentum, the results will spell disaster for Democrats who are wanting to keep control of Congress. The US could be heading in a very different direction after November 8.

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