GOP Governor Trades Blows With Chuck Todd

GOP Governor Trades Blows With Chuck Todd

( – The midterms are a week away as Republicans and Democrats attempt to win the favor of American voters. The two parties have very different beliefs when it comes to the American peoples’ concerns going into the November 8 election. Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) recently got into a heated debate with Chuck Todd of NBC News over the priorities of Americans.

The Republican governor sat down with Todd for an interview on the network’s “Meet the Press.” Throughout the discussion Sununu seemingly became agitated due to the NBC anchor declaring that Americans should worry more about the 2020 elections and the threat they posed to democracy. Todd asked the governor to explain why he supported someone the NBC anchor declared was an election denier to represent the Granite State.

Sununu erupted at the reporter claiming he was out of touch with Americans if he truly believed the 2020 election was more important to voters than issues like inflation, feeding their families, and staying warm in the winter. Todd again pressed the governor about his supporting a candidate who denied the results of the 2020 election and asked Sununu if he really believed inflation was a bigger issue to voters.

A poll conducted by Todd’s employer, NBC, showed 35% of Americans said “jobs and the economy” were the most important issues. Meanwhile, 30% declared the top concern was “threats to democracy.” Rounding out the top three most important issues among voters was “cost of living,” which 29% of Americans felt was the most important issue heading into the midterms.

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