GOP Candidate’s Home SHOT AT – And the Left Is Silent!

Republican Candidate Shot At, the Left's Silence Speaks Volumes

Republican Candidate’s Home Shot At, the Left’s Silence Speaks Volumes

( – North Carolina Republican Pat Harrigan lost his bid for North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District. The seat, which included Democrat hotbeds in both Charleston and Columbia, went to leftist Jeff Jackson by 15 points. What happened to the underdog during the campaign, however, is an inexcusable travesty.

On October 19, someone fired a bullet into a home where Harrigan’s children were sleeping. The Hickory Police Department confirmed to the Charlotte Observer that the house belonged to the nominee’s parents and that nobody was injured. The investigation is ongoing.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband fell victim to an attack in his home, the Left went into overdrive to blame an entire political movement. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted all about how the actions of a madman were the direct result of GOP “mouthpieces.”

Even after questions arose about the political motivations of Paul Pelosi’s attacker, the Left stayed the course and used the incident to demonize Republicans.

When someone attacked a Republican figure, however, leftists shared a similar reaction: crickets.

The investigation one might think would make national news is ongoing, and yet… where’s the outrage? Why hasn’t Clinton or Pelosi or anyone else on the Left come out and condemned the act, which put innocent children in danger? The country may never get an answer.

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