Geraldo Rivera Tells Republicans To “Shut Up”

Geraldo Rivera Tells Republicans To

( – Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera has a long-standing reputation for making bold statements in the face of controversy. The opinionated liberal recently weighed in over an appearance Rep. James Comer (R-KY) made on “Fox News Tuesday,” during which the congressman told host Bill Hemmer he had evidence linking the Biden family to a wire transfer from China. During the appearance, Hemmer pressed Comer for more details, reminding him the committee has spent five years probing. In a March 14 tweet, Rivera said Republicans had investigated this long enough, closing his statement with a daring challenge: “Put up or shut up.”

Rivera alleged GOP leaders haven’t uncovered anything after five years of digging beyond the fact that Hunter Biden is “a junkie dirtbag.” Social media immediately exploded with responses — most of which turned the accusatory finger back on the outspoken progressive. One Twitter user insisted politics were, in fact, responsible for the lack of prosecution, while another highlighted that the anchor has “been saying Trump will get arrested for seven years.” Yet another replied, “Yes[sic] Geraldo…please shut up.”

Others attacked Rivera for slamming Hunter Biden’s addiction issues. One person reminded the liberal anchor of his imperfections, citing “Al Capone’s vault” before chiding, “Glass houses[sic] Jerry. Glass effing houses.”

The fact of the matter, according to The Washington Post, is that since investigations began in 2018 against Hunter Biden, federal agents have uncovered — without question — enough evidence to merit the pressing of criminal charges. Time recently noted multiple news outlets, including the New York Times, have verified the authenticity of the repair shop laptop, and the probes into an alleged illegal gun purchase and tax evasion on the First Son’s part also appear legitimate. The big question, remaining months after said evidence has come to light, is whether the Justice Department will decide to pursue the case.

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