Gavin Newsom Is Being Floated as a Possible Biden Replacement

( – So far, the 2024 presidential election is shaping up to be a rerun of 2020 — but a lot of Liberals aren’t happy about that. While Republicans might think Joe Biden is a terrible president and shouldn’t have a second term, many Democrats agree. Although Biden is the clear front-runner for the nomination right now, there’s a quiet search for alternatives going on. One name that’s started to come up is California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Is There Space for Newsom?

Right now, it looks like the Democrat ticket for next November’s election is going to be the same as last time — Joe Biden for president and Kamala Harris as his running mate. There isn’t a lot of enthusiasm behind that option, though. Biden might be polling higher than rivals Robert F Kennedy Jr and Marianne Williamson, but that probably says more about how uninspiring they are. Forty-three percent (43%) of Democrat voters don’t think Biden is fit to serve a second term, with his mental state being the biggest worry. As for Harris, that same poll gave her the lowest vice presidential approval rating in history. A repeat of the 2020 ticket is starting to look like a risky choice for the Democrats.

Now there’s growing media speculation that the party could find someone else to replace either Biden or Harris — and that speculation is starting to center on Governor Newsom. At 55, Newsom doesn’t attract any of the doubts about physical or mental fitness that plague the visibly deteriorating Biden. He’s also a confident media performer who doesn’t hesitate to appear on conservative channels to defend his policies; that puts him well ahead of Biden, who’s notoriously press-shy.

Maybe best of all for moderate Democrats, Newsom is a progressive but doesn’t have a toxic relationship with the likely Republican candidate. In fact, despite their vast political differences, Newsom and Trump seem to get on surprisingly well on a personal level. In April, Trump told Tucker Carlson that he and Newsom “used to get along great” and the governor was “very nice.” Newsom, in turn, told Sean Hannity he had a great relationship with Trump.

If Newsom replaced Biden as the Democrat nominee, he would continue the ultra-liberal policies of the current administration but might dial back the partisan hostility and would certainly end the embarrassment of having a US president who can’t be trusted to walk up steps or deliver a coherent sentence.

Alternatively, if he replaced Harris, he would make the prospect of a presidential handover — if Biden is unable to make it through a second term even if re-elected — less terrifying. Either way, as long as Democrats are faced with the nightmare scenario of Biden-Harris ’24 ticket, Newsom is going to come under increasing pressure to enter the race.            

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