Former Republican at MSNBC Abandons the GOP

Former Republican at MSNBC Abandons the GOP

Prominent Republican SWITCHES SIDES – He’s A Democrat Now!

( – In September 2018, former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor published an opinion piece in The New York Times calling former President Donald Trump immoral and misguided. Although he wrote the article anonymously at the time, he fessed up to the piece in 2020 and announced on May 17 that he is leaving the Republican Party for good. Given the strength of his op-ed, the move doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Conflict With Conservatives

Oddly, Taylor stayed faithful to the GOP for four years after he wrote his piece in The New York Times, in which he vowed to “thwart parts” of Trump’s agenda, referring to himself in the title as “part of the resistance.”

The life-long Republican appeared on MSNBC the same day he tweeted about leaving the party. Some say he hasn’t supported the GOP since he wrote his opinion piece. During his recent interview, he told fellow ex-Republican Nicolle Wallace that he couldn’t stay on the Right because they are “mainstreaming” conspiracies and violence.

In July 2021, Taylor referred to the Republican Party as the “No. 1 security threat” in the United States. With that kind of viewpoint, it’s a wonder he didn’t declare his defection until now. That year, he spoke about Senate Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), saying, for the sake of the country, the legislator needed to stop bowing to Trump. He then called for his party to reform. When it didn’t comply, he decided to leave.

The Last Straw

Although Taylor seemed to indicate over the years he was out of alignment with the Republican Party as a whole, the straw that finally (maybe) broke the camel’s back was the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, on May 14. He said the GOP is inspiring radicals with its rhetoric and doesn’t represent conservative values any longer.

Taylor talked about his years with counterterrorism and how that experience gave him a unique perspective while looking at what his party has become, in his opinion. He said the GOP is accepting conspiracy theories as mainstream views, accepting violence as the norm, and using political intimidation to get their way. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) agreed with the sentiment. She said Republicans are enabling “white nationalism, white supremacy, and antisemitism.”

Do you think Taylor has any valid points regarding the current Republican Party, or is he just blowing smoke like he’s been doing for the past four years?

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