Fetterman HYPOCRISY – Dr. Oz Is Laughing

John Fetterman Recommends Veggies After Stroke, Attacks Dr. Oz For Saying Same Thing

John Fetterman Recommends Veggies After Stroke, Attacks Dr. Oz For Saying Same Thing

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Political races across the country are heating up as midterms creep closer by the day. Despite there being a slew of competitive races, the showdown between Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, continues. The two Senate candidates have repeatedly hurled personal attacks at one another. The latest came from Dr. Oz when his campaign mocked his challenger’s health, leading to the Democrat criticizing the Republican.

Taking It Personal

Fetterman recently attacked Oz’s campaign after it asserted that if he’d ever “eaten a vegetable in his life” he likely wouldn’t have had a stroke. The statement to Business Insider came from Rachel Tripp, Dr. Oz’s senior communication advisor, in response to comments the Democrat made following a viral video the Republican published expressing dismay over the price of vegetables. Tripp alluded to the idea that if the progressive, who was once severely obese, led a healthier lifestyle, he wouldn’t have needed to lie about being the victim of a major stroke.

Fetterman fired back at the Oz campaign, claiming he knew how nasty politics could get but never thought about mocking someone’s health. The left-wing candidate also acknowledged his stroke and noted he was grateful to still be alive.

A Sense of Hypocrisy

While Fetterman condemned the Oz campaign for criticizing his lifestyle, the bitter rival isn’t necessarily innocent of doing the same. During his time as the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, the Democrat and his wife convinced the city council to allow them to put up signs that said “Notice: Eat More Vegetables,” among other messages. Fetterman was fine with being the one giving the advice. At the same time, he himself admitted in an interview with the New Hope Network that the city of Braddock, the poorest in Pennsylvania at the time, was a “food desert,” meaning residents were unable to easily access or purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

As with any competition, both Fetterman and Oz are doing what they can to win. In this case, the strategy entails veering from focusing on their policies and platforms and relying on personal attacks to make each other look bad. Many people have grown concerned over the left-wing candidate’s health — and rightfully so given his history. Reports indicate officials in Pennsylvania are beginning to worry about whether the stroke survivor is fit for office due to his poor speaking and lack of campaign appearances. Even his hometown paper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has questioned his ability to serve.

Fetterman’s campaign has finally agreed to let him debate Dr. Oz in October. However, they have requested the Democrat be able to use a monitor with closed captioning to help him during the discussion.

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