Father Arrested After Encouraging Teen Daughter’s Suicide Attempt

Father Arrested After Encouraging Teen Daughter's Suicide Attempt

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A Florida man sits in jail after encouraging his pregnant daughter to kill herself. Horrifyingly, the girl was just 13 years old — and his heartlessness traumatized her so badly that she actually tried to commit suicide. Her father then fled north, but authorities arrested him days later.

On April 12, police visited a home in Ormond Beach, Florida, after a woman reported that her boyfriend had encouraged their daughter to commit suicide. She told investigators that five days earlier, while her daughter was in her room with friends, celebrating her birthday, she’d called her father and talked to him on speakerphone.

Gared Wayne Canales allegedly launched an astonishing rant against the girl, calling her “pregnant and worthless,” a “sl*t who*e,” and urging her to commit suicide — but “just don’t say it.” At least one of the girl’s friends confirmed the story to cops, and the mother told an officer that Canales has a history of verbally abusing others.

Over the next two days, the girl started self-harming, inflicting shallow cuts on her arms. She made at least one of those cuts with glass from a framed photo of her with her father, which she’d smashed with a baseball bat.

Then, on April 10, she took 14 Benadryl tablets. Her mother took her to a hospital to have her stomach pumped when the girl confessed what she’d done. At this point, Canales fled the home. On April 14, police issued an arrest warrant for him, and authorities found and arrested him in Massachusetts.

In June, he was extradited to Florida. The Flagler County Jail retains him in custody without bond after authorities charged him with felony child abuse and a misdemeanor parole violation. A judge also issued a restraining order banning him from contacting his daughter. The public defender’s office is representing him but hasn’t commented on the shocking case.

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