Family of Slain Colorado Woman Sues Police for Wrongful Death

( – A pregnant Colorado woman — who was in the wrong place at the wrong time — lost her life in 2021 after police allegedly mistook her for a shoplifter, and one of them shot her as she fled. No officers faced any charges following the incident. The woman’s family is now suing the department for her wrongful death as well as the murder of her unborn child.

Family members of 27-year-old Destinee Thompson want someone to answer for her untimely end, insisting the shots fired at her were unjustified. The woman had been staying at a motel where a Target robbery suspect had taken refuge. According to the lawsuit, the suspect was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans, and she had a distinctive tattoo on her chest. Surveillance footage clearly shows the suspect was also rail thin. Thompson had no chest tattoo, and although she wore a white tank top, she’d been sporting black pants instead of jeans.

She was also seven months pregnant.

A plain-clothed officer confronted Thomspon as she was leaving the motel. She had no identification on her, but she denied involvement in the robbery and had no evidence of stolen goods on her person. She attempted to leave the scene, and another plain-clothed officer attempted to block off her parking space with their car.

Uniformed police also arrived. One broke her front passenger window when she refused to exit her vehicle. A panicked Thompson drove forward, jumping the curb to gain access to the roadway, and another officer fired off eight rounds in response.

The last shot fatally wounded both Thompson and her unborn child. The officer claimed he saw the woman’s vehicle hit one of the plain-clothed officers and drag him underneath, but no members of the police force were injured during the event.

The Arvada Police Department has fired back at the allegations against its members, claiming Thompson had two warrants out for her arrest, which may have been her motivation for being so uncooperative during her detainment. One warrant was related to charges of second and third-degree assault on a police officer, and the other was for drugs. Thompson reportedly had amphetamines, morphine, and fentanyl in her system at the time of her death.

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