Ex-CIA Agent Gets Promotion at Facebook

Ex-CIA Agent Gets Promotion at Facebook

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Meta, the Internet giant that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, just promoted former CIA member Aaron Berman to head its elections policies team. Berman’s employment history has raised red flags among conservatives, some of whom question his role in Meta’s previous “misinformation” campaigns and predict even more censorship ahead as the 2024 race nears.

Berman joined Facebook in 2019. An investigative report by Breitbart stated the former government agency employee worked as Facebook’s senior product policy “misinformation” manager. He reportedly built a team for the company to focus on US procedures and “put policies into practice during critical events.” The “misinformation” manager worked for Facebook during the buildup to the 2020 elections, when widespread censorship across multiple social media platforms stifled conservative voices and silenced headlines.

No evidence directly links Berman to Meta’s targeted actions, but the timing fits, and other events point toward government influences from multiple angles, potentially making a former CIA agent an ideal liaison. The New Civil Liberties Alliance, and the Attorneys General from Missouri and Louisiana, filed a lawsuit against numerous government officials, including President Joe Biden, alleging the defendants worked alongside at least eleven federal agencies to suppress right-wing discussion on several platforms, violating First Amendment rights. The plaintiffs argue that Facebook alone has over 3 billion users, giving it significant reach and potential political influence, so any control over its content could drastically alter public views.

The Post Millennial also found information suggesting Berman may have helped influence censorship of conservative views regarding vaccine use after President Joe Biden reportedly claimed Facebook was “killing people.” Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has openly admitted that the FBI was directly involved in the Russian “propaganda” warnings that resulted in Facebook’s suppression of posts concerning Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Berman worked as an analyst for the CIA for 17 years before jumping to Facebook. He contributed to the President’s Daily Brief — top-secret documentation the intelligence community provides to the president every morning. Perhaps Berman moving to head Meta’s election policies represents an innocent application of experience — but conservative pundits worry the move might also seriously impact 2024’s political outcome.

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