Dr. Fauci Suggests Changing Definition of “Fully Vaccinated” to Include Boosters

Dr. Fauci Suggests Changing Definition of

(RepublicanJournal.org) – It’s hard to blame anyone for feeling confused over the COVID-19 pandemic these days. Nearly two years after US intelligence agencies first warned of a potential viral outbreak, mixed messaging, constantly-changing directives, and outright fake news, many Americans question what to believe. Now, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci suggests the government may eventually change the very definition of “fully vaccinated.”


In a live interview with reporter Dana Bash on November 21, Fauci spoke at length about the government’s current approach to vaccines.

Bash first reminded him of the CDC’s recent recommendation that all Americans over 18 receive booster shots. The doctor indicated that he agreed with that position, vaguely suggesting that neither vaccines nor booster shots provide permanent protection.

Later in the conversation, Bash asked whether the doctor felt the CDC’s recommendation on the vaccinated getting booster shots justified changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” altogether. “We don’t know right now,” he replied. “We’re going to follow [the data] very carefully… if that’s gonna be a boost everyone will have to have… we will change the guideline.”

As Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Fauci, plays a significant role in guiding government responses to the pandemic, including vaccine mandates. That’s what makes his comments in this interview so impactful.

Unlike a random celebrity doctor or expert making a statement on a talk show, Dr. Fauci is a government representative giving direct medical advice on live television. His comments may very well convince Biden to enact stricter mandates.

Yet, another confounding — and equally confusing — point was made within the recent interview. If neither vaccines nor boosters provide effective long-term protection, can we even say with confidence that they genuinely work? And if they don’t work, why put so much time, effort, and money into pushing them? That sounds like more mixed messages, which in turn lead to more divisiveness within the nation.

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