Doctors Pressure Pregnant Woman Into Abortion

( – Tasha Kann was 20 weeks pregnant when she learned she had an aggressive cancerous brain tumor. Doctors tried to pressure the wife and mother of one into terminating her pregnancy, so she could immediately begin treatment, but she refused. The woman, a devout Christian, clung to her faith and took her pregnancy to term.

One fewer human being would be alive today if Kann had followed the advice of her doctors. Instead, a beautiful little girl now stands among her family’s blessings. The devoted mother stated that termination was never on the table as far as she was concerned because it would have defied the will of God. Fox News reports that she said she prayed deeply to Jesus during her time in the hospital after she learned about the tumor, and left feeling confident that her baby would remain safe.

The issue started with what Kann initially brushed off as a migraine. She went to bed in hopes of waiting out the pain when she began to lose sensation in her limbs. She feared she was having a stroke and called 911, but a CT scan at the hospital showed she’d developed a large tumor in her brain.

Doctors diagnosed Kann with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III a form of cancer that attacks astrocytes, cells that are vital for normal nervous system functioning. They make sure neurons get the nutrients they need, keep the blood-brain barrier intact, and regulate communications between nerve cells. Most cases occur in the brain, but tumors can arise nearly anywhere in the nervous system.

Kann, having refused chemo and radiation throughout her pregnancy, had an eight-month prognosis after the baby was born. She noted that the doctors told her immediate treatment might have bought her between five and eight years.

Either way, her condition is terminal, and ending her pregnancy wouldn’t have changed that. Her cancer has since spread, limiting her options, but she continues to fight her battle. She is currently receiving immunotherapy, crediting her faith for getting her through, and hopes she and her husband will have the opportunity to raise their two children together.

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