Do You Have Long COVID?


( – The COVID-19 pandemic descended on us in 2020, leaving us talking about case rates, death rates, and the relationship between the two. Most of us believe the virus has two potential outcomes: death or recovery. However, for thousands of Americans, the reality is somewhat different.

“Long COVID” is a condition that arises after an initial novel coronavirus infection and can last months, or even indefinitely in some cases. Its symptoms include chronic fatigue, ongoing aches and pains, breathing difficulties, loss of smell and taste, and brain fog. While there is no generally accepted diagnostic test for long COVID, the CDC now officially recognizes it where symptoms persist “four or more weeks” after the initial viral infection.

The CDC’s guidance is not the only indication government officials are starting to take the condition seriously. On Monday, July 26, President Joe Biden announced his intention to introduce protections for those suffering from “lingering challenges” related to COVID-19. He said these challenges might “sometimes rise to the level of a disability.”

For those Americans still wrestling with the effects of the virus months after their initial diagnosis, the president’s show of support is no doubt warmly welcomed.

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