Disney Has Been Funding Gender Identity Propaganda for 20 Years

Disney Has Been Funding Gender Identity Propaganda for 20 Years

Disney’s 20 Year SECRET Just Came Out For All To See

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Media giant Disney has recently found itself at the center of a controversy regarding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation. Despite the privileged position the company has held in the state for many years, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is refusing to back down in response to Disney’s opposition to the law. Now, new revelations about Disney’s efforts to promote LGBTQ+ principles among young children are coming to light.

A recent report from The Post Millennial highlighted funding Disney has been providing to various LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. The report specifically went into detail on an organization called GLSEN, which allegedly pushes US schools to teach topics around LGBTQ+ issues and gender identity.

GLSEN supposedly aims to promote “positive representations” of LGBTQ+ individuals in the classroom, starting as early as elementary school. It also provides instructions on how to teach kids about stereotypes in relation to gender and nontraditional family structures. The group reportedly states that this type of education at a young age is a crucial part of “social emotional learning” for students.

Do you think it’s appropriate for young children to be learning about these kinds of topics in school? Also, is it Disney’s place to provide funding for these kinds of lessons?

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