DeSantis Makes a Crazy Promise

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has struggled to gain traction in the presidential primaries, with former President Donald Trump’s loyal support pool standing in much of the way. Now, the trailing candidate is attempting to appeal to the MAGA crowd by promising to take on the Deep State. He’s insisted he’s ready to “slit throats,” but the aggressive choice in language might not be impressing as many Americans as he’d hoped.

DeSantis assured attendees at a barbecue in New Hampshire that the Deep State concern was at the top of his agenda. The event, which former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown hosted on August 30, came ahead of the conservative Florida leader’s aggressive “Never Back Down” bus tour through Iowa. DeSantis promised the New Hampshire crowd that he’d be tough against the many leftist elites currently in government. He added that the throat-slitting would begin “on day one” of his term in the Oval Office.

The violent rhetoric has become more prominent in DeSantis speeches as the race progresses. The presidential hopeful used similar language about a month earlier, when he expressed frustration over recent hiring choices within the Department of Defense. The Independent points out DeSantis’ approach to fighting Mexican cartels at the border would be even bolder — he would simply shoot them “stone cold dead” as they attempted to enter the country.

DeSantis’ language has certainly been keeping his name in the headlines, but The Independent suggests that the added attention might not be positive. Members of the National Treasury Employees Union and the American Federation of Government Employees are downright outraged, according to The Washington Post, noting the throat-slitting sentiment could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of government employees. They slammed the Florida governor for using rhetoric they view as both unbecoming and dangerous.

The campaign trail remains unkind to the Florida governor, with recent sampling through The New York Times and Sienna Poll putting Trump ahead of DeSantis by 37 points.

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