Democrats Propose Legislation for More Gun Control

Democrats Propose Legislation for More Gun Control

Democrats Unveil New REQUIREMENT For Gun Owners

( – Three Democratic senators introduced gun control legislation on Thursday that might be the most extreme the Left has yet to offer. Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez of New Jersey teamed up with Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal to introduce the bill. The entirety of the Republican caucus, as well as some Democrats, are likely to oppose it.

The legislation, Federal Firearm Licensing Act, would require all new firearms purchases to conform to a set of guidelines that would result in some law-abiding citizens losing a constitutionally protected right. The legal age to purchase a weapon would increase to 21 from 18, which may not go over well with people in uniform. On top of that, all purchases would require background checks and licensing procedures that would include written tests and photo identification.

It would seem the party that claims voter identification is a violation of the Constitution, ironically doesn’t hold the same regard for gun rights. The introduction of the bill comes after the tragic shooting in Buffalo that killed 10 innocent people. In typical fashion, Democrats turned to the weapon, rather than the criminal. The Left’s argument will always be for more gun control, but haven’t we seen enough evidence that criminals will always find a way to hurt people, no matter what?

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