Democrats Losing Grip On Key Racial Group, Report Finds

Democrats Losing Grip On Key Racial Group, Report Finds

( – President Joe Biden and the Democrats have had a miserable year, and it’s starting to take a toll on them in terms of their performance in opinion polls. The most recent surveys show that both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have high disapproval ratings. Worryingly for liberals, even groups that would traditionally trend left are starting to abandon the Democrats.

Recent reports show that Democrats no longer enjoy a commanding lead among Hispanic voters. A current poll reveals that voters in this category are evenly split when it comes to the Congressional elections in 2022. Around 37% would vote Democratic, while 37% would back a GOP candidate. The remainder is currently undecided.

Additionally, 54% of Hispanics disapprove of Joe Biden’s job as president. Approximately 43% said they would vote for former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical present-day presidential election.

These statistics follow recent revelations about the word “Latinx,” which many liberals believe is an acceptable, gender-neutral way to refer to people from Hispanic backgrounds. Unfortunately for them, only 2% of those actual communities use the word to describe themselves.

The midterm elections are now less than a year away. With Republicans gaining ground every day and both chambers of Congress relatively evenly split, the future will surely be interesting.

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