Democrats Lose It After Abbott Sends Migrants to Kamala’s Door

Democrats Lose It After Abbott Sends Migrants to Kamala's Door

( – A handful of Republican governors have taken it upon themselves to send migrants to sanctuary cities in an effort to bring awareness to the ongoing crisis at the southern border. Democrats have been against the idea since the beginning, but they recently had a meltdown after Texas Governor Gregg Abbott (R) sent three busloads of migrants to the vice president’s doorstep.

While Kamala Harris and the Biden administration have been slow to respond to the border crisis, Democrats have wasted no time criticizing the Texas Governor. The Republican had busloads of migrants — initially destined for New York — redirected to the Naval Observatory, where the vice president’s DC resides, due to road conditions. They arrived on Christmas Eve.

Though the migrants would eventually receive assistance through the help of Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network and safely taken to a church, many Democrats had plenty to say about the situation.

Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) blasted his fellow Texan, calling him “worthless” and declaring that Abbott being a “heartless POS” wasn’t going to help him become the “next Republican president.” The Democrat also shared a video of migrants stepping off the buses in freezing weather.

Representative Ritchie Torres (D-NY) also ripped into the Texas Governor.

The New York congressman asserted Abbott went against claims he was pro-life when he disregarded those of the children he sent to DC by leaving them in the cold. Torress added leaving undocumented individuals in “18 degree weather” was cruel and should be considered a crime.

This is Abbott’s latest attempt to get the White House’s attention and have the Biden administration take action. The governor has become desperate to secure the US-Mexico border as migrants flood and overwhelm communities along the divide. Even so, is it possible that Democrats may be right this time? Did Abbott go too far by leaving helpless individuals in frigid temperatures?

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