Democrats Gush Over Migrants as Cheap Labor Option

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( – Since President Joe Biden took office, security at our southern border has collapsed. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country, and Democrats don’t seem interested in trying to stop them. In fact, they don’t want to stop them. Senior liberals think mass immigration is a good thing, and they have a very cynical reason for it.

Migration Means Cheap Labor

When Democrat politicians discuss immigration, they focus on its humanitarian side, talking about refugees, victims of oppression, and the huddled masses seeking better lives in America. Occasionally they let the truth slip, revealing that the Left sees migrants as a source of low-skilled, low-paid workers — which puts them in an unlikely alliance with big businesses. Whether it’s an agricultural corporation looking for cheap meatpackers or a wealthy suburban liberal hiring migrants to tidy the yard, business owners are looking to save on their employees’ wages. Migration from poor countries lets them do that, but American workers pay a steep price.

On May 10, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) told a House committee that without migrants, “[w]e would have no food on our plates.” He claimed immigrants are needed to grow food, clean hospitals, and build homes. Then, incredibly, he launched a hypocritical rant about how Republicans want to exploit cheap migrant workers.

Cheap migrant labor is a deliberate policy Democrats have abused for far too long. During campaigns for the 2020 elections, Dem presidential nomination candidates competed with each other to offer businesses access to an unlimited supply of foreign workers. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee promised “flexible caps” on immigration that could be adjusted to meet demand.

Workers Pay the Price

There’s a big problem with cheap migrant workers. Whatever leftists say, labor is a commodity, and that means it’s ruled by the laws of supply and demand. If there’s an endless supply of something, the price falls; if it’s scarce, the price rises. By opening our borders and letting in millions of foreign workers, the Biden administration is holding down wages. That harms American workers, who find that many jobs just don’t pay enough for them to cover their bills — and as US workers leave lower-paid jobs, more immigrants flood in to replace them.

None of this seems to bother leading Democrats. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is a loud supporter of relaxing immigration laws. President Biden himself openly boasts about making it easier to get into the US — to the point that, since he’s been elected, for every child born in the US, an immigrant has entered the country. Migration is now growing our population as fast as childbirth is.

The Dems are playing a dangerous game. Their own voters are dismayed at the influx of migrant labor. Just after Biden was elected, 64% of Democrat voters said companies should pay more, attracting American workers instead of bringing in cheap foreign staff. Biden is doing the opposite, and sooner or later, there’s going to be a backlash.

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