Democrat’s Assassination Threat Emergency Leads to Arrest

Democrat's Assassination Threat Emergency Leads to Arrest

Top Democrat’s LIFE THREATENED – Cops Swarm In!

( – Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) heads the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and she’s a well-known advocate of liberal causes in Washington, DC. Shockingly, police recently arrested a man near Jayapal’s home in Seattle on suspicion of threatening to kill her.

According to a statement filed by law enforcement in the wake of the incident, officers placed 48-year-old Brett Forsell under arrest after the lawmaker called 911. Forsell was reportedly going up and down the lawmaker’s street shouting threats and racially charged obscenities. A neighbor allegedly told police the suspect had shouted he intended to kill the Washington Democrat and mentioned her Indian ethnicity.

When authorities detained Forsell, they found a gun at his waist.

The judge in the case declined Jayapal’s office’s request for a criminal harassment protection order for the lawmaker, but he reportedly set bail at $500,000, which is typical of amounts seen in similar cases in the past.

The legislator’s office released a statement on what happened on July 11. It confirmed that she and her family were unharmed and thanked people who had sent messages of support and well-wishes in the wake of the event. It also thanked law enforcement for working on the case and stated the Congresswoman would not comment further as the investigation progresses.

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