Democratic Lawmaker Calls George Soros a “Patriot”

( – The term “patriot” often brings to mind images of American values and traditions, not billionaires and system gamers. However, in the mind of one Democratic lawmaker, it’s an accurate definition of left-wing political contributor George Soros. The representative, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), jumped to his defense during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on June 13, after Rep. Thomas Tiffany (R-WI) slammed district attorneys (DAs) the billionaire’s financing helped to elect.

Jackson Lee fired back at Tiffany’s comment, which drew a connection between sanctuary city status and the likelihood of a “Soros prosecutor” working behind the scenes. She told Tiffany she was “offended” by the comment, adding that as “an American and a patriot,” the wealthy investor didn’t deserve such hostility.

Republicans have taken issue with Soros’ influence over recent local elections, where he focused his efforts to push progressive ideals. His nonprofit groups, according to Fox News, managed to funnel tens of millions of dollars into anti-police movements in 2021. He also backed numerous left-wing prosecutors, many of whom have proved lenient on violent crime. Currently, about one in five US citizens lives in a jurisdiction overseen by a Soros-funded DA.

Conservatives have included Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who indicted former President Donald Trump on charges of falsifying business records in April, as one of the numerous prosecutors the Left hand-picked for its agenda. Others have included George Gascon (Los Angeles), Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Kim Gardner (St. Louis), Rachael Rollins (Boston), and Marilyn Mosby (Baltimore) — all with disastrous results.

Soros’ other supporters, such as Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), have pointed to anti-Semitism as the true culprit behind Republicans’ disdain for the wealthy investor. In a recent tweet, Goldman brought up the image of a sign in a congressional hallway that included Soros’ name along with a Star of David and dollar signs. He pointed to the image and asked, “Would you say that’s anti-Semitic?”

No matter how lawmakers want to paint Soros, the billionaire remains among the many players who stand firmly in the center of the current political divide.

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