Democrat Senator Criticizes GOP Over Immigration, Backfires Badly

( – A Democratic senator recently attempted to criticize the GOP over its lack of support for a Senate bill that would have reformed the US immigration system. The move backfired badly when Republicans dug up their peer’s ever-changing stance on the issue. Now, they’re accusing the Democratic lawmaker of saying whatever it takes to secure his upcoming re-election bid.

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) spoke out against Republicans after they refused to support the controversial bill, which combined US border security with funding for Ukraine. Many members of the Right, growing weary of supporting the war-torn nation, have opposed continuing to send aid without an exit plan.

Casey issued a press release on February 7, claiming Republicans steamrolled four months of negotiations between the two major parties by refusing to even debate the legislation. He called the rejected proposal the “strongest” Congress has seen “in decades.” Casey implied that his peers were following the lead of “their presidential candidate,” who he claimed wasn’t immediately concerned with fixing the issue because it was vital to his campaign. Casey added that Republicans had been the ones to insist that any foreign aid proposals be attached to border security reforms, and now that Democrats had a proposal that met those requirements, the Right suddenly insisted on voting separately on each of the issues.

A representative for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Philip Letsou, told Fox Digital that Casey’s policies on the border have flip-flopped before. The deciding factor behind his suddenly tough stance appears to be the election year. He claimed the politician would “say anything” to keep his voters’ support.

Republican David McCormick, who is running against the senator for his Pennsylvania seat, called Casey “complicit” in the current border problems. He noted that his competitor has “had 18 years” to act. He also accused the liberal senator of pushing weak policies that have hurt his state’s economy and the people.

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