Democrat Mayor Defends Teenage Looters

( – Teenagers took to Chicago streets en masse after the recent announcement of a “trend” on social media. The gathering converged at a local 7-Eleven store, where dozens of attendees began looting and defacing the property. Police arrested 40 people between the ages of 12 and 20, although an estimated 300-400 individuals responded to the social media call. Still, the city’s liberal mayor, Brandon Johnson, is defending the teen looters against anyone who would describe the chaos as “mob action.”

Johnson corrected a reporter during a press conference addressing the incident. Twitter/X user 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner posted the awkward clip, which shows the local mayor appearing more concerned with the wokeness of everyone’s words than stopping the waves of destructive gatherings plaguing his city. The Chicago Democrat derailed a question pertaining to the event, focusing on language he felt painted the teens as “baby Al Capones.” He referred to the city’s history of mob violence to back his stance.

The defensive word nit-picking triggered an onslaught of responses on social media. User Mary H. FioRito reminded readers that Illinois defined “mob action” as a formal charge under its state criminal code, referring specifically to multiple people gathering with the intention of performing criminal acts. Another Twitter/X poster, Douglas Ritz, accused the mayor of being “removed from reality,” while user Slim Shady said they were holding out for “Baby Capone” SWAG.

Some of the contempt might stem from the fact that “trend” events have been an ongoing problem in Chicago. Nine adults and six juveniles were arrested in April after a social media call prompted hundreds to gather downtown, triggering fights and vandalism. Two teens suffered nonfatal gunshot wounds resulting from random fire during that incident, and a 16-year-old was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

Daily Caller reports that a clip of the recent 7-Eleven looting has had over 230,000 social media views. Police have indicated that as they review additional footage from the gathering, more arrests could be on the way.

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