Democrat Governor on Gun Violence: “I Don’t Need To Have Numbers”

Democrat Governor on Gun Violence:

Democrat Governor LASHES OUT – Makes Baseless Claim

( – New York Governor Katie Hochul didn’t exactly say she lacked evidence to support her claims about gun violence; she simply indicated that she doesn’t need it. Speaking at a press conference, Hochul announced new gun control initiatives but refused to offer any definitive reason as to why.

In what turned into a somewhat heated debate, local CBS 6 reporter Anne McCloy pressed the governor about gun violence statistics, insisting on hearing the lawmaker’s evidence as to why concealed carry permit holders seem to be taking the blame for a spree of mass shootings that have little to nothing to do with that demographic. The governor’s answer was simple: “I don’t need to have numbers.” She insists that the more than 100-year-old law the Supreme Court finally struck down as unconstitutional needs to be preserved.

For her part, Hochul plans to introduce legislation that bans firearms in schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other high-traffic places. She used the unfortunate “wild, wild west” comparison when discussing law-abiding gun owners practicing their constitutionally guaranteed, court-affirmed right to bear arms.

On top of the restrictions in public places, Hochul wants to ban the weapons in private businesses unless the owners specifically say guns are allowed. Essentially, the governor seems to think removing legally-owned firearms from everyday people is the way to curb criminals from committing violent acts. Will her efforts make any difference in the nation’s mass shooting epidemic?

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