Democrat City Pleads for More Police Amid Violent Crime Wave

( – Three years ago, many left-wing Democrats were calling for the police to be defunded. Now, as the consequences of attacking law enforcement start to bite back, their voters are following a different tune. Residents of Oakland, California, are now saying they want more cops on the street.

The Oakland branch of the NAACP has written to the city council criticizing local politicians for supporting the defund the police movement and promoting “anti-police rhetoric.” The pressure group says the far-left policies are behind a crime wave that’s sweeping the city, making it so dangerous some residents are leaving. On August 8, one local woman told journalists she was “too scared to leave [her] house” and called the situation “horrible.” She’s now in the process of moving out of Oakland because she “emotionally can’t take it anymore.”

Local NAACP member Darren White said he wants to be safe and anyone who commits crimes should be prosecuted. He added that locals just want justice to be fair. Right now it isn’t. The city’s controversial district attorney, Pamela Price — whose election campaign was backed by far-left billionaire George Soros — faced angry questions from residents last month over the rising tide of violence.

Price claimed many criminals are getting away with their crimes because there isn’t enough evidence to charge them. However, back in March, she herself approved new sentencing guidelines that favor probation over jail and scrap extra punishments for aggravating circumstances like using a gun while committing a crime.

Instead of tackling today’s issues, Price is focusing on historic cases; for example, she’s reopened the files on eight cases of officer-involved deaths, one of them dating back 15 years. Meanwhile, black Oakland residents worry that the city government is losing sight of the difference between right and wrong. Barry Donelan, president of the Oakland Police Officers Association, says the city is where “Ideology meets reality” and pointed out that when city officials proposed defunding the police, “murders skyrocketed.” Unfortunately for the city’s residents, their DA seems too blinded by ideology to care.

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