Dementia Is Beating Bruce Willis, According To His Wife

( – Actor Bruce Willis is losing his battle with dementia, according to his wife. The 68-year-old “Die Hard” star was diagnosed early this year. Sadly, it sounds like his condition is going downhill fast.

Bruce Willis made his acting breakthrough in the TV show “Moonlighting” from 1985 to 1989, but his biggest role has to be that of John McClane in the “Die Hard” movies. Over its 25-year run, the part of McClane cemented Willis’s reputation as an action hero. A Second Amendment supporter from a military family, who considered joining the military before the 2003 Iraq war when he was already 48, his real life hasn’t been far behind that of his fictional creation.

In March 2022, however, Willis announced that he’d been diagnosed with aphasia — an inability to use language properly — and planned to retire from acting. This February his family revealed that the disease had progressed, and Willis was now suffering from frontotemporal dementia.

In August, his wife, Emma Heming Willis shared her struggles with caring for her husband, and how it’s impacting their two children. In a new interview, she’s revealed more, including the fact the disease is progressing. She told NBC’s Today show it’s “hard to know” if Willis is aware he has dementia, and said she’s found out that “dementia is hard. It’s hard on the person diagnosed. It’s also hard on the family.”

Frontotemporal dementia, or FTD, usually appears between the ages of 45 and 65. Early symptoms include dissociating from family, compulsive shopping, sudden loss of emotional control, and personality changes. Once the disease has been diagnosed, victims can survive from two to 20 years, but it usually progresses quickly. So far there’s no cure — and in fact, doctors don’t really understand what causes most cases, although it seems to run in families. In 2020, over seven million Americans were suffering from some form of dementia; this could rise to nine million by 2030.  

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