Debt Bill Agreement Reached as Lauren Boebert Misses Vote

Debt Bill Agreement Reached as Lauren Boebert Misses Vote

( – The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 passed the Senate vote on Thursday, June 1. The debt ceiling bill had heavy opposition from both far-right and far-left members of Congress, with MAGA Republican Lauren Boebert (CO) vowing to vote against it. She failed to follow through when the time finally came to act in the House, claiming she felt the need to wage a last-minute protest.

Boebert offered an explanation two days later in a statement on Twitter. “Call it a protest,” she stated, adding that she “didn’t take the vote” because she was “ticked off.” The Colorado representative insisted the proposal was “a crap sandwich” that party leaders didn’t allow lawmakers the opportunity to debate or amend. She also alleged that “deals cut in the dark” are responsible for the nation’s skyrocketing debt and said she refuses to participate in such corruption.

The statement falls notably short when weighed against Boebert’s words to the Speaker following the recorded vote: “I was unavoidably detained. Had I been present, I would have voted ‘nay’ on rollcall No. 243.” Video footage from outside the Capitol building suggests that she did indeed miss the vote. The clip, shared on Twitter, shows her running up the steps, slowing and turning when CNN producer Morgan Rimmer calls out to her, “They closed it.” Boebert replies, “They closed it?” and then continues up the steps at her previous pace.

Boebert may have been less than forthcoming about her reasons for missing the vote, but she remains steadfastly against the legislation. The Colorado representative and other members of the far-right feel the deal didn’t make nearly enough cuts, while extreme progressives believe it went too far. It passed the House on May 31 with 314-117 votes, moving on to pass the Senate vote with a final tally of 63-36. President Joe Biden signed the bill into law on Saturday, June 3.

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