Dan Crenshaw Apologizes After Claiming Those Who Voted “No” for McCarthy Are “Terrorists”

Dan Crenshaw Claims Those Voting

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has apologized after drawing a definitive line in the sand between Republican members of the House. In a bold response to the then sixth failed attempt at naming Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) the next Speaker, Crenshaw originally claimed his peers who voted against the controversial candidate were “terrorists.”

House members remained at odds over their only solid pick from the beginning, up until McCarthy secured Speakership on the 15th and final vote. McCarthy has a close relationship with Donald Trump, but critics accuse him of criticizing the former president privately.

The New York Times published a recording from a January 10, 2021, phone conversation between the California representative and Liz Cheney (R-WY), who lost her seat when Trump-backed Harriet Hageman won in the primaries. In the conversation, McCarthy allegedly said Trump admitted some responsibility for the January 6 Capitol riot. The representative also reportedly told Cheney he planned to tell Trump, still president at the time, to resign before Congress could impeach him.

McCarthy’s loyalty to the former commander-in-chief didn’t fall into question for long. AP News reported that the two appeared on good terms again after the congressman visited Mar-a-Lago to mend the bridge. The Californian legislator even went on to vote with his peers to challenge Biden’s election victory.

Loyalty has gained McCarthy the support of roughly 200 of the House’s Republicans, but it still took him a historic amount of time to secure the Speakership. Crenshaw found the numbers unacceptable. On January 4, Dan Crenshaw appeared on the Guy Benson Show. During the interview, which Fox News released, Crenshaw alluded to his feeling almost as though the Left were paying off his peers to force the House into a deal that would favor Democrats.

When confronted with his extreme choice in language, Crenshaw backpedaled a little by replying, “I mean, it’s you know[…] obviously a figure of speech, but […] it is what it is.” He then defended his words by adding that the negative voters were “holding a gun to our head.”

According to another video released on Twitter, Crenshaw stated any vote against McCarthy was pandering to “a Democrat agenda.” Further, the 20 GOP members who refused to go along with the rest of the party were “the enemies,” according to the congressman, at the time.

Crenshaw has since apologized for these statements.

Do you think Crenshaw’s initial comments went too far? Was an apology the right move?

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