Courts to Back Big Company’s Stripping Away of Health Freedom

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( – When it comes to COVID-19 jabs, some people are choosing to remain unvaccinated for one reason or another. Given the importance Americans place on personal liberties, we might imagine that this would be no problem. However, there is a growing insistence in some areas that more people need to be inoculated. Our leaders are starting to explore increasingly draconian measures (such as mandatory vaccination for federal government employees) to achieve this goal.

On Wednesday, July 28, legal expert Alan Dershowitz spoke with Newsmax about the role courts might end up playing in the discussion around mandatory vaccination programs. He said the judiciary will “always follow the science” when it comes to this issue; if the data suggests mandatory vaccination would help keep people safe, courts will likely support it.

Dershowitz outlined the precedent here, stating that COVID-19’s status as a transmissible disease means there is a balance to be struck between individual rights and the rights of society at large. He said refusing treatment for an illness like cancer would be within an individual’s rights, as only they are affected. However, with the coronavirus, he said courts could well decide to uphold certain mandatory vaccination programs, as the general public’s rights must be considered.

This ruling wouldn’t sit well with many Americans, particularly given the regular changes in the scientific consensus around the virus. Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci told us there was no need to wear masks last year?

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