Conservative Groups Targeted by Biden’s Anti-Terrorism Grant

Conservative Groups Targeted by Biden's Anti-Terrorism Grant

( – The Biden administration is targeting conservative organizations, and it’s using an anti-terrorism program to do it. Millions of dollars are going to counter “extremism.” At the same time, officials have expanded the definition of “extremism” to cover mainstream conservative media outlets — and even the GOP.

On May 25 a new report from the Media Research Center revealed the White House is using taxpayer money, channeled through an anti-terrorism program, to covertly counter the messages of conservative and Christian groups. The Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program, set up in 2011, was used by the Obama and Trump administrations to combat domestic terrorism. Biden has quietly expanded it and weaponized it against mainstream right-wing opinions.

According to the report the Biden administration has handed out almost $40 million in grants, with 52% of funds going to public organizations — and much of it has been used for anti-conservative propaganda. For example, the University of Dayton used its grant to finance a “training program” on the dangers of far-right radicalization. This program featured a four-layer pyramid with violent terrorist groups on the top level. It claimed those groups recruit from the lower layers. The problem is what’s on those lower layers, because they include conservative media outlets like PragerU, Breitbart and even Fox News and Quillette.

Worst of all, the Republican National Committee is listed on the bottom layer of the pyramid. The Biden administration has decided that one of this country’s two mainstream political parties is an extremist organization that leads people to domestic terrorism, and it’s spending taxpayer money to fight a political battle. Some of the funds were spent on lectures by open members of Antifa including a professor who urged leftists to break the law. One seminar funded by the program accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of wanting to start a “second Holocaust.” This is blatant far-left propaganda — and the American people are being forced to pay for it.

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