College Professor Claims to Get Anxiety Over American Flag

College Professor Claims to Get Anxiety Over American Flag

( – A Milwaukee college professor made waves during a recent interview when he said he felt uncomfortable whenever he saw anyone overtly displaying the US flag. The instructor, who claims specialties in political and Latin American philosophy and the philosophy of race and ethnicity, maintained just the sight of the national symbol could give him anxiety.

Dr. Grant Silva, an associate professor of philosophy at Marquette University, joined WUWM 89.7 FM’s Teran Powell to discuss the feelings some people of color allege they experience when they view the US flag. The host shared about a recent road trip, during which she needed to stop in an unfamiliar town to refuel her car, and she noted her strangely fearful reaction to elaborate decorations in the streets featuring the Stars and Stripes. Upon reflection, Powell decided the representation created a racist ambiance to the town, one she felt compelled to escape as quickly as possible.

Silva expressed sympathy for Powell’s experience, stating he had also endured similar feelings while stopping at a gas station. He agreed that “excessive imagery of the flag” stirs an emotional response in people of color because they associate it with a racist, white America. Silva explained that as much as Old Glory might represent belonging and inclusion, it could also embody a sense of exclusion for certain groups.

Powell and Silva both subscribe to the woke idea that patriotism comes dangerously close to nationalism. NPR reported that a person’s views on the matter are likely to align with how progressive or conservative they are, with members of the far Left being more likely to attach negative associations.

Still, most Americans agree that the flag remains a unifying banner representing citizens of all colors.

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