CNN Cuts Footage of Trump After People Praise Him

CNN Cuts Footage of Trump After People Praise Him

( – Supporters in Miami gave former President Donald Trump a great reception on Tuesday, but some liberal journalists seemed upset about it. When CNN showed footage of the event, Jake Tapper asked his staff to cut it. Is it now triggering just to see reminders that millions of Americans still support Trump?

On June 13, Trump attended an arraignment in Miami on federal charges related to classified documents. After leaving the courthouse, he stopped for dinner at a Cuban-run restaurant, the Versailles Bakery — and received a warm welcome from his fellow diners. Some customers asked the former president to join them in prayer; others sang “Happy Birthday” to him, beginning the celebration of his 77th birthday on June 14 a day early. In response, Trump urged his supporters to help fight the country’s decline and announced that he’d pay for “food for everyone” in the restaurant.

Yet, when CNN reported the event, host Jake Tapper wasn’t impressed. As soon as he discovered that people at the restaurant were receiving Trump with open arms, he exclaimed, “The folks in the control room, I don’t need to see any more of that.” With the offending video safely stopped, he accused Trump of trying to turn his visit into “a spectacle… a campaign ad” before repeating that he’d seen enough.

Although Trump’s legal troubles are growing, he’s still determined to press on with his 2024 campaign — and he has plenty of backing. Polling shows him as the clear favorite among grassroots Republicans, and after his June 8 indictment, his lead has grown. He now has 61% support among likely GOP voters, while second-place candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ®, trails far behind at 23%.

Many supporters say the indictment made them more likely to vote for him. Meanwhile, the reception from Miami diners this week showed that Trump can still attract enthusiastic crowds even if he’s just going for dinner.

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