Clarence Thomas Could Become New Leader of Supreme Court As Power Shifts Right

Clarence Thomas Could Become New Leader Of Supreme Court As Power Shifts Right

( – Justice Clarence Thomas has spent three decades on the Supreme Court bench. In that time, he became famous for his silence in the courtroom. He prefers not to ask attorneys questions during oral submissions, often going years without interrupting lawyers to pose a question. But a recent development suggests that could be about to change.

The nation’s highest court is currently hearing a dispute between Mississippi and Tennessee over groundwater. On Monday, October 4, Clarence Thomas shocked onlookers by asking the first question of the session.

Analysts now wonder whether this shift in attitude from Thomas might reflect a change in how he views his position on the bench. There are currently six Republican-appointed judges on the Supreme Court, compared to just three who received their nominations from Democratic presidents.

This dynamic has caused a reduction in Chief Justice John Roberts’ influence. Roberts, a Conservative appointee, who, until recently, was the judge most often in the majority in rulings. Now that distinction belongs to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has sided with the majority 95% of the time over the last term. Clarence Thomas has been in his position the longest of the six Conservative Justices, including Roberts.

So, is Clarence Thomas about to become the new de facto leader of the Supreme Court? Only time will tell.

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