Church Will Host Drag Queen Event for Children

Church Will Host Drag Queen Event for Children

Church Unveils SICK New Event Targeting Children

( – On May 12, Townhall reported a school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, allowed a drag queen show to commence without parental permission. In another part of the country, a church in Florida announced its plan to host a Youth Pride Conference on May 21 — featuring a drag show for 12- to 18-year-olds. The uptick in these types of events has people questioning their children’s activities and demanding answers.

The Naples United Church of Christ (UCC) event is supposed to include gender topics, mental health, and politics geared toward the targeted youth of the community. Although the organizers have made clear the event isn’t affiliated with the Naples Church or the local school, the location of the gathering sends conflicting messages.

Isaac Salazar from the Zebra Coalition, which supports LGBTQ+ youth, is slated to speak at the event. Given the topics at hand, some observers wonder if the agenda is “indoctrinating” the children of today.

Fox News reached out to the local schools and the church for comment about the drag queen show but received no response to the inquiry. As of now, the event will continue as planned.

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