Christie’s Campaign Ad Featuring Trump’s Mug Shot Is First on Air

( – Tell It Like It Is PAC, the political group supporting GOP candidate Chris Christie, just released an ad campaign featuring the mugshot of former President Donald Trump. The thirty-second promotional clip titled “Winning Again,” which is available on YouTube, is currently appearing on televisions all across New Hampshire.

The ad opens with multiple black-and-white and sepia-toned images of Trump in the background, each overshadowed by “drama,” “distractions,” or “lies” in large, red lettering. A narrator asks viewers if they’re tired of it all, and then the video shifts to a montage of American faces, with the voiceover asserting that the time has come “for conservatives to win again.”

“Winning Again” paints Christie as a “real conservative” who has what it takes to stand victorious in a head-to-head race against President Joe Biden, implying that Trump wouldn’t stand a chance in a rematch. The former New Jersey governor has based much of his campaign on his assertions that the current GOP frontrunner did indeed break the law by attempting to undermine the US elections system in 2020. And he hasn’t pulled any punches. Christie recently told NBC News that Trump skipped out on the debates because he knew he couldn’t defend himself or his track record, calling him a “coward.” He also chastised the MAGA leader’s admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing disgust over Trump’s describing him as “brilliant.”

FiveThirtyEight still has Christie’s national polling average at 3.6%. Pence, Haley, and Ramaswamy each also remain in single digits, at 4.4%, 5.6%, and 9.2%, respectively. DeSantis has held his second-place position, currently at 14.8%, but his support continues to wane. Trump is still the frontrunner, claiming 50.3% of the GOP’s support.

Christie, despite his bleak numbers, remains confident in his chances. He points to polls from previous years, which he claims suggest candidates’ voting outcomes rarely reflect the primary polls.

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