Christie Calls Trump a “Hot Mess”

Chris Christie Accused of Trying To Sabotage Trump

( – The relationship between former President Donald Trump and rival GOP primary candidate Chris Christie has been heated ever since the two, who were once friends, went in different directions regarding the 2020 presidential election results. They’ve recently engaged in a verbal sparring match, each growing more vocal about the other as the first round of debates nears. In response to the former president’s latest comment about him, Christie reportedly called Trump “a hot mess.”

Trump instigated the most recent round of attacks during a speech in New Hampshire. He poked at Christie’s weight by implying a man in the audience had called the former New Jersey governor “a fat pig.” The MAGA leader chastised the unidentified individual with a smile and a laugh, although he firmly asserted later on Truth Social that he’d spoken earnestly in defense of his one-time friend.

Christie has implied that he’s taking the insults as a sign he’s on the right track. Claiming to have known Trump for 22 years, the former governor maintains that he’s on his rival’s mind simply because his name keeps coming up in the GOP frontrunner’s speeches. He told The Hill that his recent jump to second place, alongside fellow rival Ron DeSantis, in New Hampshire has captured the Republican leader’s attention and put him on the offensive.

Christie referenced the numerous other Americans who struggle with excessive weight, considering how childish they would view someone who used such language against them. Still, he pointed the finger right back around by inviting listeners to take a serious look at Trump’s stature before judging anyone else’s. Then, after noting his belief that the former president was “morally responsible” for the January 6 riot, he offered a stab of his own by adding Trump had hurried off for a “well-done burger” at the White House while MAGA followers flooded to the Capitol Building.

Trump, Christie, and six other Republicans have been invited to debate in Milwaukee on August 23. POLITICO states that the former president might skip out on the event, noting his already substantial lead.

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