Chris Christie Says Donald Trump Admitted to Crime on Air

Chris Christie Says Donald Trump Admitted to Crime on Air

( – Former New Jersey Governor and current presidential candidate Chris Christie (R) recently appeared on CBS Mornings to discuss his campaign and where he and other Republicans stood in the race. Co-host Tony Dokoupil mentioned former President Donald Trump’s recent interview on Fox News during the segment, prompting Christie to declare that his biggest GOP rival had admitted to a crime on the air.

Christie slammed Trump for what he insisted was an open admission to obstructing justice. He recapped the MAGA leader’s words, highlighting Trump’s defense that he was too busy to comply with the National Archives and Records Administration’s orders to return classified documents he’d privately kept beyond his presidency. The New Jersey Republican openly mocked the former president’s statement that he simply didn’t have the time to sift through all his boxes, which he’d indicated also contained golf shirts and other personal items. Christie added that, with the amount of golf Trump regularly played, time certainly wasn’t the issue.

Co-host Gayle King offered even more fuel to Christie’s fire when she shifted the line of questioning regarding Trump’s response to his recorded statement that he had classified documents on a war strategy against Iran. As a former prosecutor, Christie said, “I think he knows he’s in trouble,” adding, “His lawyers, this morning, are jumping out of whatever window they’re near.” The former governor also alleged that most Republicans have grown to distrust Trump but are too fearful of his potential wrath to speak out against him.

A grand jury indicted Trump on June 8 on charges related to hundreds of protected documents officials recovered when they raided his Mar-a-Lago home. The former president stands accused of willfully and unlawfully retaining sensitive materials — even more, showing them off to individuals lacking clearance on at least two separate occasions. In one instance, he allegedly bragged that a file was “highly confidential,” noting he “could have declassified it” during his presidency but didn’t.

Additionally, prosecutors allege Trump lied to officials about the information in his possession, instructed his valet and personal assistant, Waltine Nauta, to move them to a hidden location to conceal them from the FBI, and asked his attorney to destroy some of them.

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