Chris Christie Accused of Trying To Sabotage Trump

Chris Christie Accused of Trying To Sabotage Trump

( – Newsmax reporter Greg Kelly slammed former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just hours after the Republican politician announced his plans to run for president. Christie entered the race with his gloves off, taking his first swing at former President Donald Trump, but Kelly claims the new rival may have been trying to take Trump down since 2020.

The June 7 presidential race announcement came during Christie’s visit to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, where he spoke to a small but packed room of supporters. The former governor took the opportunity to slam Trump, comparing him to the villain in Harry Potter, Voldemort — “he is he who shall not be named” — and suggesting other candidates are afraid to speak out against the MAGA leader.

Christie accused Trump of being “obsessed with the mirror,” unwilling to admit to any mistake, and being quick to point the finger when something goes wrong while always just as ready “to take credit for anything that goes right.” He claimed that candidates who don’t directly address these issues are undeserving of the people’s vote and have no right to lead. He also believes another Trump nomination against Biden would result in an easy win for Democrats in 2024.

Trump fired back, according to The New York Post. While knocking the two rivals’ candidacies, “Chris Christie will waste no time eating DeSantis’ lunch,” the former president said.

Kelly also took issue with Christie’s attacks, noting that the former governor helped Trump prepare for his 2020 debate against Joe Biden. He added, “When did [Christie] have this big epiphany?” The newscaster initially accused Christie of attempting “to trip up Mitt Romney” in the 2012 election, according to Mediaite. Then, in 2020, the outlet noted, “He tried to help to get [Trump] elected.” Kelly questioned whether the help was, in fact, an attempt “to sabotage” the MAGA leader.

Regardless of Christie’s motives, Kelly doesn’t think the New Jersey conservative has any shot at the presidential race.

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