Chinese Quantum Computing Could Put US Secrets at Grave Risk

Chinese Quantum Computing Could Put US Secrets at Grave Risk

( – Normal computers use seemingly endless amounts of 1s and 0s to compute answers and organize data. While most of these functions seem speedy to the average American, they are still incredibly sluggish when compared to the capabilities and speed of a quantum computer. For years, only the US and Canada had such technologies, but now, a China-based quantum computer company announced it sold its first product, putting US intelligence and national security at risk.

In the 1990s, applied mathematics professor Peter Shor, who specializes in quantum mechanics, warned America that a quantum computer could easily break through the public security systems currently used in the US. Since then, the federal government has been working to shore up security before America’s adversaries, such as China, developed that technology.

On January 30, The Global Times, which is known for celebrating the advancements of the Chinese Communist Party, reported that a company from East China’s Anhui Province sold a quantum computer made fully within its nation in 2021. Origin Quantum Computing Technology Co, the business that claims to have completed this feat, began providing quantum computing services to customers through the Cloud in 2020.

To put the speed of this new technology in perspective, Google said a quantum computer could answer a question in 3.3 minutes that would take a normal computer 10,000 years to complete. Additionally, Quantum computers bypass the need for electrical currents by using atomic and subatomic particles to do the communication. This method allows for lightning-speed computation.

Knowing that these supercomputers could pose an immense security threat if pushed to try and break codes and security barriers, President Joe Biden asked the federal government in May 2022 to ensure US operations are safe. To combat the issue, the National Security Administration will use quantum-resistant cryptography on security systems. The problem raises yet another example of how being at least one step ahead of China, and other potential enemies is essential to preserving our nation’s security and defense systems.

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