Chicago CEO Killed at Party for Employees

( – A freak accident turned a celebration into a tragedy, fatally wounding a Chicago CEO and sending a company president to the hospital in a fight for his life. The CEO was killed during a stunt meant to launch an anniversary party with a bang, but instead, it led to a deadly 15-foot drop onto a concrete stage. An investigation is underway to determine if negligence was a factor.

Sanjay Shah, 56, founder and CEO of US-based software company Vistex, died after he and the company’s president, 52-year-old Raju Datla, fell in a metal cage that a crane was lowering onto the stage. The grand entrance was in celebration of Vistex Asia’s 25th anniversary, which the company held in the Limelight Garden at Ramoji Film City, located in India just outside of Hyderabad. Roughly 700 attendees witnessed the tragic event, which occurred when the chains carrying the cage broke on one side and sent both executives into a freefall.

According to ap7am, an official from Vistex submitted a complaint, which led to police investigating the accident. Investigators are reviewing video footage of the falling cage to determine whether the event management team was responsible for the casualties due to negligence. The complaint alleges the team didn’t follow appropriate precautions to keep Shah and Datla safe while they were in the air. Even worse, there was no ambulance on site ahead of time, and none were in the vicinity, so the victims were both rushed to the hospital in a car.

Vistex has offices in 20 different countries, with 2,000 employees worldwide. The company had planned a two-day celebration honoring its partners in Asia, starting by putting its two high-ranking executives in the spotlight. Shah, who reportedly suffered injuries to a hand and leg, died at the hospital. Datla, who sustained a severe injury to their head, remains in critical condition.

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