CDC Backs “Chestfeeding,” Despite Possible Risks for Children

( – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) latest review of its “Health Equity Considerations” page appears to blur the lines on infant breastfeeding by including the word “chestfeeding.” The new term defines chemically induced lactation, allowing biological males to produce breast milk for infants in their care. Columnist Meghan McCain is outraged over the move, and she’s calling out both the CDC and the Biden administration for “corrupting medicine.”

The LGTBQ+ agenda is now attempting to add “chestfeeding” as an acceptable term, warping a mother’s natural process of producing milk for her child by including drug-induced milk production in biological males. There is no FDA-approved means of achieving such a feat, although some members of the transgender community have been experimenting with a medication called domperidone, which is legal in other countries for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

Domperidone isn’t approved for any use in the United States, and the FDA even issued a warning against using it — especially in the case of lactating women. Tests on an intravenous form of the drug showed it could cause heart rhythm problems and cardiac arrest, and countries that do allow its use have labeling that warns against consumption by breastfeeding mothers. Only a handful of studies exist on the risks, and their results have been inconsistent, although they agree that a measurable amount does likely pass to the baby.

Just as concerning are the unknown dangers of hormones and other drugs transgender individuals take to appear more feminine. One study found spironolactone, an androgen blocker that can trigger tumors in rats, causes the excretion of metabolites in the milk. The amounts are reportedly too low to cause likely harm in babies who consume it, but there aren’t any long-term studies in humans to confirm that assumption.

McCain doesn’t pull any punches in her assessment of the practice. “They’ve reduced our babies to guinea pigs,” she stated, questioning how any level-headed parent could impose such potential harm on a healthy child.

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