Carlson Blasts Christie for Refusing Interview

( – Former New Jersey governor and current GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie recently joined ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” to discuss the country’s top political issues. The longshot Republican drew the ire of news personality Tucker Carlson by calling him out for his views on the war in Ukraine. Carlson blasted back when Christie later refused his request for an interview.

The July 16 ABC discussion highlighted Christie’s strategies for the country, one of which included his stance that the US needed to continue supporting Ukraine against the Russian invasion. The former governor hit hard against outspoken Americans who’ve been pushing for vast cuts in US aid, specifically naming Carlson and predicting that any show of weakness would have repercussions extending well beyond Ukraine.

Christie stated that Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet nation sparked a “proxy war” between the United States and China, with the Asian superpower funding the Kremlin’s effort similarly to how the US is supporting Ukraine. Backing down now, according to the Republican contender, would mean certain disaster for Taiwan. China has long insisted that the island nation accept its sovereignty, although a series of historical events spanning between the Sino-Japanese War and World War II has left the smaller country in a state of uncertain limbo for decades. The US has since struggled to keep a fine line between remaining neutral and keeping the peace between communist China and a pro-Democratic Taiwan.

Daily Caller reported that Carlson invited all of the major GOP candidates to join him on Blaze TV for his Friday, July 14, event, but Christie didn’t show. The former Fox anchor took his frustrations to Twitter, calling the New Jersey candidate “a blustery coward.” Carlson added that although the conservative longshot wasn’t willing to “answer real questions,” instead acting the “tough guy” for the “sycophants at ABC,” he was hopeful Christie might change his mind in the future.

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