California Republican Turns on His Own Party

( – An internal battle has broken out among California Republicans after one lawmaker criticized colleagues for not working effectively in Congress. Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) says ultra-conservative congressmen would get more done if they didn’t want to “burn it down.” He also criticized those who brought down Kevin McCarthy, the last House Speaker.

On June 16, McClintock, who has represented California’s 5th (formerly 23rd) congressional district since 2009, spoke to NewsNation’s “The Hill Sunday.” He was strongly critical of a group of GOP legislators on the right of the party who, he says, are more focused on fighting against the system than working within it. McClintock himself was a firm supporter of President Trump and has been condemned by Liberals for “seditious” acts after the 2020 election, but it seems some of his colleagues go too far even for him.

McClintock discussed former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was forced out last October after five Republican lawmakers voted with Democrats to vacate the speakership. He said McCarthy had managed “absolutely remarkable accomplishments” despite having to work with a GOP majority of just five seats, citing the 2023 Fiscal Responsibility Act that will save taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the next decade. McClintock went on to slam the “eight Republican malcontents” who voted with the Democrats to push McCarthy out.

Heading off any accusations that he’s opposed to a conservative agenda, McClintock argued that the hardline lawmakers aren’t actually effective at advancing right-wing ideas in Congress. In fact, he said, “They’re an impediment to those principles.” McClintock believes this is a crucial time for the US, saying the country is “at a pivotal moment.” To survive, he thinks, that’s going to mean “all of us doing whatever we can” to get through the crisis. He doesn’t think calls to “burn it down” are going to help with that.

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