Bud Light Aftermath Gets Real After Top Official Gets Fired

Bud Light Aftermath Gets Real After Top Official Gets Fired

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Bud Light has been struggling ever since its disastrous April marketing campaign, which featured transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney sharing on Instagram that they had received a personalized can of the iconic beer. The company meant to promote a contest via the move but instead triggered a widespread boycott among its heavily conservative consumer base. Now, reports have confirmed the company has fired the executive behind the stunt.

Alissa Heinerscheid was the first woman to hold a leadership position at Anheuser-Busch, and she came on with a mission. Fearing Bud Light’s brand was on the decline, she decided it needed an overhaul centering around left-wing “inclusive” propaganda. As the marketing vice president for Bud Light, she forged a new path for the beer manufacturer — it just happened to lead in the wrong direction.

Heinerscheid first shared her vision in March when she appeared on Make Yourself at Home and told host Kristin Twiford landing the VP position had helped her gain “clarity and perspective.” She felt strongly her work wouldn’t truly be meaningful, however, unless she found a way to make an impact on others. Her legacy, she decided, would be her crusade for inclusiveness.

Maybe Heinerscheid didn’t get the memo that most consumers want products that cater to their ideals — not the other way around. What she apparently saw as a springboard for one massive Bud Light kumbaya around the campfire exploded into an even more divisive upheaval. Zero Hedge reported company’s sales have tanked since her stunt, with Modelo Especial taking, and now holding, as the leading beer in the United States.

Anheuser-Busch also fired Daniel Blake, who had worked as the company’s group VP for marketing, and had hired Heinerscheid. Meanwhile, Bud Light is fighting to repair its image and win back consumers by launching new ads free of political messaging and packed with country music and football clips.

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