Blackburn Believes Dems Want a Government Shutdown – Here’s Why

( – Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) recently joined Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the country’s financial state. The Republican senator claimed during the interview that New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D) wants a government shutdown. She insisted that Democrats want to halt investigations into the Biden family, and they will use whatever roadblocks they can to keep the truth from surfacing.

Blackburn, a member of the Senate’s Finance and Judiciary Committees, said GOP lawmakers are still working to determine where the dividing line stands between President Joe Biden and “Biden Incorporated.” She added that archivists have been hesitant to release email messages the commander-in-chief had drafted while serving as vice president, which she says he wrote under numerous pseudonyms. Jason Chaffetz, who stood in for the show’s regular host, Maria Bartiromo, agreed, adding that said emails and pseudonyms numbered in the thousands.

The House Oversight Committee published an interim staff report on its investigation on November 17, 2022, claiming it had evidence Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings even before he entered the White House. Members accuse him of abusing his power for his family’s financial gains, opening himself to the possibility of foreign influence or coercion in the process. They also accuse the current administration of obstructing their inquiry and misleading the American people about Biden’s actual character and business background. The committee members insist that continued probes into the issue are necessary to thwart potential security threats and fight government fraud, waste, corruption, and abuse.

Democrats are, of course, singing a completely different tune, insisting Republicans are cherry-picking their evidence and withholding all information that contradicts their narrative against the Biden family. The Justice Department has rejected the claims of whistleblowers that the White House forced officials to drag their feet throughout the process, insisting David Weiss, a Trump-appointed US attorney, had free rein throughout the investigation.

As far as lawmakers like Blackburn are concerned, those claims are merely more smoke and mirrors.

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