Billionaire Almost Cries When Talking About Democrats

( – A leading businessman has let rip with an emotional appeal to Americans on the economy. Leon Cooperman, a billionaire investor, told CNBC the US Left “don’t get it.” Now he’s pleading with people to not give up on capitalism.

On September 7, Cooperman, the CEO of New York City-based investment company Omega Advisors, appeared on CNBC. He started out talking about the investments he’s making right now, but then swerved into a discussion about his book, “From the Bronx to Wall Street,” and his belief in the capitalist economic system. He highlighted how his father had come to the US from Poland at age 12 with no education. He then talked about how he himself had been broke when he started work on Wall Street.

Talking about Liberals, Cooperman said he’s trying to persuade radicals like Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) not to abandon capitalism. He argued that it’s the best system, but added  “I’m concerned about the Lefties. They don’t get it.” Warren, Sanders, and AOC have all continued to argue for socialism long after real-world examples have made clear it doesn’t work.

Cooperman doesn’t seem to have any faith left in either of our main parties. He called them both “lacking,” and added that he doesn’t think either President Biden or former president Donald Trump will win the next election. He said that’s wishful thinking on his part but slammed our “very, very bad political system.”

Leon Cooperman is a perfect example of what the capitalist system can do; the son of an immigrant plumber’s apprentice, he went on to build a company that manages over $3 billion in assets. Now, he’s seeing socialist politicians who want to tear that whole system down and replace it with one that left the citizens of oil-rich Venezuela eating pets and zoo animals to survive. It’s no wonder he was near tears as he delivered his plea on live television.

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