Bill Clinton Laid Groundwork for Putin, Fox News Reports

Bill Clinton Laid Groundwork for Putin, Fox News Reports

( – After weeks of tension and uncertainty, the worst fears of many have become a reality about the Russia/Ukraine situation. The two nations are now in open conflict, with dozens of military and civilian deaths already reported across Ukraine. There has been much debate about the root causes of the war and who should take the blame; according to one conservative analyst, a former Democratic president may have played a part.

On Monday, February 21, Fox News analyst Jesse Watters explained how former President Bill Clinton was partially responsible for the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Watters noted that Clinton had forced Ukraine to return its stash of nuclear weapons to Russia in 1994, three years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As Watters noted, Russia would have been much less inclined to wage war against Ukraine if it still had nuclear capabilities.

Watters then joked that he expected the former Democratic president to issue a formal apology.

Before the Clinton administration’s interference, Ukraine reportedly had 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles and over 1,000 warheads.

Watters further noted that climate change advocacy in the West had also contributed to the current situation, as countries in Western Europe are now dependent on Russian oil for their energy needs.

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