Biden’s Promise to “Unite the Country” Doesn’t Seem to Be Going Well

Biden's Promise to

Biden’s VOW to America Just Backfired

( – President Joe Biden’s primetime speech about threats to Democracy had all the typical liberal talking points. Biden made clear before his appearance, however, that he had little respect for Trump supporters, whom he called “ultra MAGA.” In the weeks leading up to his free network airtime, the president used divisive and dangerous language to energize his base.

Biden came right out and labeled support for Trump “semi-fascism” during a recent rally of elites in a Washington neighborhood. The speech was riddled with insults toward conservative Americans and their elected and former officials, while also an obvious nod to the likes of Antifa.

The language was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” comment during the 2016 election season. That speech helped rally a Republican base, namely individuals who felt tired of being stepped on and insulted for having traditional American ideals and Christian values.

Biden’s supporters didn’t take long to respond. Vandals spray-painted “eat s— fascists” on the Seminole County, Florida Republican Party office and glued the front door shut. The wording was, of course, not-so-oddly familiar to the very words Biden had spoken just days before.

Will unity have to take a back seat to partisan rhetoric for the time being?

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